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Reel Review features engaging conversations about film and television with interesting folks and USC experts from across disciplines (public policy, governance, theatre, and cinema) to look at visual storytelling, media literacy, diversity, and the public good.

Hosted by Erroll Southers, Reel Review reminds us that film and TV are powerful and passionate mediums that not only entertain, but reflect and comment on our society. Culture, policy, and politics affect our everyday lives, ideas about how we live, and how we live together. It also influences what we watch, as well as what we take away from those programs.

We want to be smarter about the images and stories we see, and how we can be better together.

Oct 23, 2018

As follow up to our discussion of the film, Wind River, we are joined by partners in the Native Women in Film & Television organization. Native Women in Film & Television is  a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for American Indian & Indigenous women, encouraging the creative narrative by native women, exploring and empowering portrayals of women in all forms of global media, expanding empowerment initiatives for native women and girls, in the arts, media, social justice, civic engagement, economic empowerment, research, training and international relations.

We discuss why some organizations supporting Native Women find their struggle portrayed in Taylor Sheridan’s film. Why it resonates with many native women and how it might support the #WhyWeWearRed, #TimesUp, and #MeToo online movements to recognize trauma affecting millions of women.

If you haven't seen the movie, beware, this podcast has spoilers.

Host Jonathan Schwartz is joined by Chris Finley, Joanelle Romero, Michelle D. Schenandoah, and Lucy Simpson

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This podcast is part of a series on Indigenous films in partnership with the Red Nation Celebration Institute, and the Red Nation Film Festival. It is brought to you by Price Video Services and USC Bedrosian Center, and continues ongoing efforts to bring policy and its impact into the public discourse.

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