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Reel Review features engaging conversations about film and television with interesting folks and USC experts from across disciplines (public policy, governance, theatre, and cinema) to look at visual storytelling, media literacy, diversity, and the public good.

Hosted by Erroll Southers, Reel Review reminds us that film and TV are powerful and passionate mediums that not only entertain, but reflect and comment on our society. Culture, policy, and politics affect our everyday lives, ideas about how we live, and how we live together. It also influences what we watch, as well as what we take away from those programs.

We want to be smarter about the images and stories we see, and how we can be better together.

Aug 7, 2018

Sorry to Bother You, written and directed by Boots Riley. The film follows a young Cassius (Cash) Green who joins an Oakland telemarketing company, adopting a white accent to thrive, propelling him up the ladder. He is faced with the dilemma of success and the ethics of what he's selling. The ensemble cast, the Oakland setting, the themes explored in this film make this one to talk about! Explore this nuanced film with us!

Featuring host Erroll Southers and guests Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, Aubrey Hicks, and Jonathan Schwartz.

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